There is a high demand on the market for the experts in the area of testing and maintaining the quality, functionality and UI of each web site.

Our agency is organizing QA Course based on methodology and in cooperation with Rhea Software d.o.o. from Belgrade. Our course is intended for anyone who wants to gain theoretical and practical knowledge of the application and quickly find employment in this area that is constantly evolving. After completing the course, you will be trained to test web sites and successfully present the acquired knowledge and competences.

This course is suitable for you if you fit into the following profile:

  • Basic computer experience
  • The desire to acquire new knowledge in the IT field, and
  • The motivation to quickly apply the acquired knowledge

We know how to make that possible!


  • Testing and maintaining the quality of the functionality and appearance of each software is as important as the process of building the software itself.
  • The entire cycle of software development implies delivering a quality product to end users at all times during software usage.
  • The guarantee of this quality is a well-done job by QA testers.


  • Our expertise and experience is built upfrom over 5000 reviewed resumes,
  • More than 600 job interviews held
  • Over 200 successfully trained young peoplenow working within IT sector.